Watch Your Step! Keeping Feet Safe from Wounds

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Staying safeSize is not a great indicator for potency. Just a little bit of yeast can raise a significant amount of dough for bread. Small amounts of spices can change the whole flavor of a meal. This is especially true in your health. Bacteria are microscopic, yet can cause significant damage. For someone with diabetes or another condition that limits their immune system, little blisters can pack just as much of a wallop. This is because little blisters can easily transform into dangerous wounds. That’s why protecting your feet before a problem develops is so critical.

Sores transform into foot ulcers when your body can’t heal them before they deteriorate. This is common for people living with diabetes or even peripheral arterial disease (PAD) because their circulation—and their immune system—is sharply limited. They continue putting pressure on the damaged area, causing it to quickly break down. You go from a small scratch or a surface-level blister to a deep and festering wound.

This can happen any time you damage the skin on your feet. Blisters from your shoes or socks is one of the most common sources. Puncture wounds from stepping on something sharp, however, can also be a problem. Even ingrown toenails can contribute to a sore on your toe. So how do you protect your feet from wounds? Being proactive before problems develop is key to avoiding foot ulcers.

Always wear comfortable shoes that do not rub your skin or put pressure on your lower limbs. If you need orthotics for this to work, wear them all the time. Don’t walk around barefoot, even in your own home. Always have some kind of protection to avoid stepping on something sharp. Keep your skin moisturized to prevent cracking and splitting, too. Above all else, inspect your feet every single day for changes and damage.

Proactive care is really the only effect way to “watch your step” and avoid wounds. As small as they start, they can become big problems that can even grow life-threatening. You don’t have to let it ever get that far. If a foot ulcer develops despite your best efforts, our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. is here to help you take care of it immediately. Make an appointment at our Parker, Castle Pines, or Cherry Creek, CO, offices through our website. You can also call (303) 805-5156 to reach us.

Dr. Cynthia Oberholtzer-Classen, DPM
Founder and Owner of Podiatry Associates, PC
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